Changing times, yes, we live in a world of change.  The news cycles change so quickly that it is challenging to keep up.  Breaking news headlines flash across the TV screen and our cell phones sound alarms.

It has been said of those of us who are Berk Countians, that we do not like change, nor do we adapt well to change.  We are comfortable with doing things and having things the same old way – for years.  Some prefer to call it consistency while others might consider Berks Countians to be set in their ways.

When it comes to a cup of coffee, change can be a welcome gift or a disappointment.  But it is a cup of coffee, not a big deal.  Our life and world will not be affected to a great extent because of a cup of coffee.   Welcomed or not, in some areas of life, change can be or has the potential to be a positive encounter and an opportunity for growth.  Still there are some who prefer the consistency of their standard cup of joe.

When talking about change, coffee is one thing.  But, when it comes to other areas of life, we are generally not as understanding or accepting.  Take for instance, our most recent challenge with Covid-19 – yes, I agree who wants to hear one more thing about this virus!  But for some, change has entered their world on a large scale.

The time of Covid-19 is also an opportunity for positive change.  Unemployment during this time might be the opportunity to explore other options – education on-line, changing careers, or refining job skills.  Students can experience on-line or home school education.  Perhaps this is the time to venture beyond the standard and comfortable world we have grown accustom.  Perhaps this is an opportunity to look up, look to God who knows all things – Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Perhaps this is a time to ask God, “So, what are Your plans for me?”  And then, listen.