Lives Changed

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Unique Journeys

Celia has been a client for 7 years and has participated in the Earn While You Learn Parenting Education Program. Celia has faced many challenges over the years but has recently committed her life to Christ and was baptized. Her story reminds us that every client is on her own unique journey. Our calling is to give “Mercy in time of need, Grace for today and Hope for the future.”

A Chance to Educate

A teenager came to the center for a pregnancy test. She was scared and didn’t want her parents to know she might be pregnant. She met with a client advocate who listened to her fears and reassured her that she was not alone. The pregnancy test was negative, but we had the opportunity to share the truth about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and God’s design for intimacy. Unfortunately, our culture is not speaking the truth about “safe sex.” What a privilege we have to share the truth with our clients!

Mom and Baby

*Stock photo used to protect identities

Supporting Fathers

More expectant fathers are coming to Mercy for parenting education. It is encouraging to see these young men take an interest in their unborn children and strive to be nurturing dads. In a culture that diminishes the importance of fathers, we at Mercy affirm that fathers have an indispensable role in a child’s life and strive to support them to be the best fathers they can be.

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