Our Mission

Mercy CCPC provides biblically based volunteer peer counselling and support services in the greater Reading area for individuals and families.

Our goal is to communicate the truth about “safe” sex and abortion and to help men and women cope with the after effects of an abortion.

Located in the heart of downtown Reading, Mercy serves people throughout Berks County.

Individuals and families facing an unplanned pregnancy are welcome to come to Mercy Ministries to learn about the options that are available. It is not necessary for anyone to face this situation alone. Making an educated decision takes place at Mercy as available information and resources are explored.

Individuals and families who have experienced an abortion are welcome to participate in our post abortion Bible Study, forgiveness and healing is offered through Christ.

Our Goal

While abortion is still legal in our state, individuals and families facing an unplanned pregnancy need to make an informed decision. The decision to have an abortion will have a lifetime impact. It is Mercy’s goal to present the truth about the risks, emotional aftermath and spiritual impact of making such a decision.

Mercy is…

Pro-Life • Evangelical • Urban

We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization in existence to support individuals and families facing an unplanned pregnancy by ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mercy Community Crisis Pregnancy Center was founded in 1989 and opened our doors in 1990. The ministry was founded to offer individuals and families facing an unplanned pregnancy an alternative to abortion. Mercy is a place to meet Christ, to learn how to be a better parent, and a place to have one’s heart and life changed for time and eternity.

Mercy has full-time and part-time staff, and a dedicated group of volunteers. Volunteers meet with clients, organize the resource room, assist with fundraising events, building upkeep, and special projects.

We rely on you

Mercy does not receive government funds, nor does Mercy bill or seek reimbursement from insurance companies for services rendered. All services are made available at no cost to individuals and families.

Mercy is funded by the gracious support of local:
  • Churches
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Fundraising Events

Mercy is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and is a member of CARE Net, a national organization providing oversight to crisis pregnancy centers.

  • Executive Director: Debbie Stutzman
  • Board Chair: Rebekah Klase
  • Board Vice-Chair: Kelly Kidd
  • Board Treasurer: Al Weiman
  • Board Secretary: John Conover
  • Board Member: John Fielding
  • Board Member: Jessica Perez
  • Board Member: Robin Grant
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