Before filling out this form, please read our Statement of Principle and Statement of Faith/Declaracion de principios y declaracion de fe. You will be asked to agree to these statements at the end of the application process. Also be sure you are familiar with our Volunteer Requirements.

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English Volunteer Application

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Potential volunteers are required:

  1. Complete and submit the application to Mercy. This form, while it is long, is a standard application used by CPC’s throughout the United States.
    1. Signed Statement of Faith and Statement of Principle
    2. Pastoral Reference
    3. Two Personal References (other than family members)
    4. Interview with the Director
  2. Criminal and Child Abuse background checks are required. As required by our insurance company, Mercy is responsible for obtaining both.

Also, in compliance with our insurance company’s requirements, males are not utilized in providing volunteer counseling.  Male volunteers are needed to provide general maintenance of our facilities and/or are welcome to serve as board members or church representatives.

Note:  If a potential volunteer has had an abortion and intends to share that experience with clients, it is necessary for the family be informed and support this decision. In addition, the volunteer should have worked through a Post Abortion Bible Study. A past abortion cannot be hidden from the family of the potential volunteer and utilized during a peer counseling session with a client. It is our position that if a past abortion is hidden from a spouse, the individual is not a candidate to serve as a volunteer peer counselor. She may be able to serve in another capacity.

Volunteer Opportunities