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Mercy Ministries offers a listening ear, information, and help during a difficult time.

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We are open to serve you and your family!
All services are offered by appointment only.
Text 484.798.0793 or call 610.376.0828 for an appointment.


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Appointment Procedure

  • Clients will be asked a series of basic health questions.
  • Face masks will be required.
  • Children will not be allowed at this appointment.
  • The client is the only person permitted at this appointment.

Please note that the precautions, as stated, are for the protection of the individuals and families we serve as well as the staff and their families of Mercy. Thank you for your cooperation.

You are not alone.

“Mercy in time of need, grace for today, and hope for the future”

If you need to talk with someone who will listen and not judge you or your actions, give Mercy a call 610-376-0828 or send us a message.

  • I missed my period, could I be pregnant?
  • Before I talk with my boyfriend, I need to know for sure.
  • Will my boyfriend be there for me?
  • I’m not ready to be a parent, not now. I am too young.
  • A pregnancy now would mess up my life. What can I do?
  • How can I tell my parents?
  • This relationship seemed so great, but now – he is not interested in being a father.
  • So many plans – going to college, and a good job – being a parent just does not fit into all of this.
  • I work full-time, how can I possibly be a single parent?

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Mercy's 921 Center Educational Center in Reading, PA

Located on the north side of Reading near the High School, Mercy’s 921 Center building was donated to us. Currently, the building is under construction. When complete, this facility will provide Free Self-Administered pregnancy tests, and support services. In addition, life skills classes, and single parent support groups will be offered.

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