From The Director’s Heart

The summer months have been packed full of historical events: the eclipse, hurricanes. How quickly our attention moved from the eclipse to massive flooding and devastation, which will long be remembered.

Various news reports revealed turmoil, and life-threatening situations. One particular scene revealed a group of individuals forming a human chain to rescue individuals in danger of drowning. As I watched this image, I thought of the on-going ministry of Mercy.

Having served with the ministry of Mercy Community Crisis Pregnancy Center, located in the heart of Downtown Reading, I realize the vast variety of services provided are critical for individuals and families facing and unplanned pregnancy as well as those who are currently parenting. The services provided by Mercy CCPC are far reaching: beyond the scope of providing a pregnancy test.

For individuals and families facing an unplanned pregnancy, the ministry of Mercy provides a hand up in time of need. Churches and individuals contribute – financially, material resources, and their time and talent. Resources are collected by a group of individuals at a local church; a specific person brings the donations to Mercy; volunteers sort the donations accordingly; and when a client in need enters the doors of Mercy – a volunteer is there to provide the individual or family with supplies, as well as share the message of salvation, and a renewed life in Christ.

It is in joining hands, working together for the kingdom and glory of God that lives and souls in danger are rescued – unto new life in Christ Jesus our Lord. The rescue of an individual from the danger of flood waters impacts a family for generations. And, so, the transformed heart and life of one who encounters the risen Lord Jesus Christ impacts their family, and community beyond our limited understanding.

During this time of uncertainty in the flood damaged areas, as you view the rescue efforts, be reminded that ministries serving in our communities are continually in “rescue” mode. This is a visual picture of what Christ has accomplished for us and is doing in the hearts and lives of others. We were in danger of drowning, the flood gates of sin and despair overwhelming us – BUT FOR CHRIST – we would have perished.

We can choose to rest secure in the fact that we are no longer in danger OR we can choose to join God in the work that He is doing. Just think, what could be accomplished for the glory of God, if we would join hands – how many hearts and lives could be transformed?

Thank you for your faithful prayers, gracious financial support, material donations, and volunteer efforts. God bless!

Because of His mercy,
Sherry Camelleri
Executive Director

Should you have any questions about the on-going ministry of Mercy Community Crisis Pregnancy Center or would like to schedule a tour, please feel free to contact me at or call 610.376.0995